List of all mobile apps for Windows Phone

Rufus and the Magic Mushrooms

Windows Phone app developed by Jeff Ramos

App of the day on myAppFree, don't miss your daily deals Rufus loves mushrooms and he wants eat all them. Help him to do it =D Enjoy of many environments, itens, clothes, and stuff... things... Coming soon new clothes and environments =)...
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Flappy World

Windows Phone app developed by Servantes

For flappy games lovers. Features: 6 game modes: - classic - tap to flap and avoid obstacles - avoider - control the bird by moving your finger on the screen - under water - tap to control fish and avoid obstacles - jumpy - hold the screen and release it to jump between obstacles. The longer you hold the screen the higher you will jump. - eating - Fly with the bird and eat food. Don't miss food or eat bad things. - falling - Control falling bird by moving your phone and avoid clouds. Unlockables. Shop: Earn coins and spend them in the shop....
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Food Fights

Windows Phone app developed by Infinite Entertainment

Dive into this food fight mayhem and help your foodies grab as much food as you can. Make sure you don't miss it! Save food, have fun! - Tap on food that is flying around and see your foodies munch it all. - Don't miss anything or you'll upset them. - Endless Gameplay, score as much as you can and compare with others. - Special powers to help you score higher! - Global leaderboards! - Exciting Animated environment! - Amazing three levels with different difficulties! For support, email us at: - Minor Bug Fixes....
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Windows Phone app developed by INSTITUTO NOKIA DE TECNOLOGIA.

Help the Frog eat the food in this amazing game. Use the accelerometer to control the flight of the frog and to eat bugs like butterflies, ladybugs and so on. You can also use the honey to attract the bugs and the rocket to fly very fast. Share your ranking on Twitter and Facebook....
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Hungry Pixel Cat

Windows Phone app developed by XIMAD INC

Here comes the most exciting game of the season! A cute little kitten is hungry and just dreaming about the food! The little one is too young and does not know how to chew so he urgently needs your help. The only thing you should do is to chew for a cat! Go to the fridge and eat as much as you can! Help the kitty grow up and become a huge cat! How to play: - Tap on the right side of the screen to chew for a cat. One touch helps the cat to eat one sausage. Be careful, don’t let the kitty choke with a sausage! - Swipe up on the left side of the scr...
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Candy Scavenger

Windows Phone app developed by ViMAP Services Pvt Ltd

We all would have bought candies, we all would have borrowed too, but how about getting it from the forest without spending a single penny. There is a little bit of scavenger in all of us and there is nothing wrong being like that. Candy Scavenger is a very simple, fun filled and enjoyable game in which there is a girl going down the forest lane with a basket full of candies, but he doesn’t know that there is a huge hole in that candy containing basket through which candies are falling slowly one by one. ‘Getting greedy my dear friend’ ...
Free Rated 2.6 games Windows Phone

Snakey the Hungry Grub

Windows Phone app developed by Tireless Software

Snakey the hungry little grub wants to become a butterfly. Help him to grow! In this snake style game, you will have to steer your cute grub through the labyrinths of different levels, avoiding enemies. Eat fruits to grow, but be carefull with all the things laying around. Magnets, bombs or bones can make the grub, somehow, delicate to steer. Spiders are awaiting you, and the bees are not your friends too. They all make a caterpillars life challenging!...
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Timberman by Digital Melody

Windows Phone app developed by Digital Melody

Timberman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. Become a Timberman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Sounds like an easy tasIt's easy to play but hard to master. 4 variable environments and 20 Timbermen to unlock. Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards. Take your axe as every lumberjack does and chop the tree as fast as you can!...
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Timberman Midnight

Windows Phone app developed by tassamathu

Timberman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. Become a Timberman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Sounds like an easy tasIt's easy to play but hard to master. 4 variable environments and 8 Timbermen to unlock. ...
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Windows Phone app developed by Microsoft Corporation

The official Help+Tips app for Windows Phone 8.1 is here! Not sure how to make a phone call or use CortanWe cover everything from the basics to pro tips. Unlock your phone's hidden secrets with our animated tips and videos. Get answers to frequently asked questions, or search our collection of how-to articles. Whether you're new to Windows Phone or a seasoned expert, you're sure to learn something new. What's new in this version: • Now available in 19 languages • Improved performance on low-memory phones • Updated video player supports...
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Windows Phone app developed by derDaniel

Read in any .ical or .ics file. After installing the app, you can open any .ical or .ics files from your browser, files or email. *** Important *** iCal is a weak typed data structure. A time zone is identified by a simple string of characters. I am using the standardized time zone identifiers. ( If you are using different time zone identifiers the app won't be able to interpret the time zone correctly what so ever. If this happens, you can easily set the time zone you want, by selecting one ...
Free Rated 3.9 business Windows Phone

Music Deals

Windows Phone app developed by Microsoft Corporation

Music Deals gives you access to the best music at great prices! Each week, you’ll find deep discounts on new and classic albums you should own. Music Deals will keep you informed about the latest and greatest deals. In this update: -Support for additional deals -Share, Pin, Home, Help buttons -Navigation and Live Tile enhancements -UX and feature improvements...
Free Rated 3.5 music + video Windows Phone

Nightmares from the Deep 3

Windows Phone app developed by Artifex Mundi

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones - get ready for the final chapter of the epic pirate trilogy! Become a fearless museum custodian Sara Black to face your greatest enemy, the legendary pirate Davy Jones. Discover his greatest secret and save your daughter! TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! After a series of mysterious notes give Sara the evidence she needs to prove to the world the existence of the historical figure of Davy Jones, she calls a press conference to reveal what she has learned; that both Davy Jones and...
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Sonic Dash

Windows Phone app developed by Sega Networks Inc

How far can the world’s fastest hedgehog run? Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin your way across stunning 3D environments. Swipe your way over and under challenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endless running game. SONIC… The world famous Sonic the Hedgehog stars in his first endless running game – how far can you go? …DASH! Unleash Sonic’s incredible dash move that allows you to run at insane speed and destroy everything in your path! AMAZING ABILITIES Utilise Sonic’s powers to dodge haz...
Free Rated 4.5 games Windows Phone

Space Weather

Windows Phone app developed by Stellar North

**Redesigned from Nokia DVLUP design consultation with Dave Crawford from Microsoft** The original Space Weather app for Windows Phone! Only a glance or a few taps away from real-time space weather. Space weather is the concept of changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space or the space from the Sun's atmosphere to the Earth's atmosphere. Space weather affects our planet, our technology, and all living things in many different ways. Solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and solar radiation are a few ways space weather can wreak havoc on the eart...
$2.99 Rated 4.6 news + weather Windows Phone


Windows Phone app developed by PhotoPay

PhotoMath is the world's first camera calculator. Just point the camera towards a mathematical expression, and PhotoMath instantly displays the correct result. By pressing the steps button, you can see the full step-by-step solution. Use it to get help when you're stuck solving a math problem. Children can use it as a tool which helps them to learn Math, while parents can use it to check their children's homework. With PhotoMath, you can have a Math teacher in your pocket. PhotoMath currently supports basic arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, li...
Free Rated 0.0 education Windows Phone

The Sims™ FreePlay

Windows Phone app developed by Electronic Arts

LET THE FREEPLAY BEGIN! CREATE UP TO 31 CUSTOMIZED SIMS FROM HEAD TO TOE, AND… • Design dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple stories • Let your Sims get married, make babies, and then watch them grow into Toddlers, Preteens and Teens • Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake • Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations • Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items • Live with your Sims in real-time MORE SIM-ULATING POSSIBILITIES Will your Si...
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Plants vs. Zombies

Windows Phone app developed by Electronic Arts

¡Ganador de más de 30 premios de "Juego del Año"!* Prepárate para plantar como nunca: ¡llega Plantas contra Zombis™ para Windows Phone! Una multitud de zombis juerguistas quiere invadir tu casa, y tú cuentas con unas plantas guardianas como única defensa. Usa lanzaguisantes, nueces, petacerezas y muchos más recursos para hacer papilla a 26 tipos de zombis antes de que lleguen a la puerta de tu casa. ¡La diversión nunca muere! Características del juego 50 NIVELES PARA MORIRSE DE DIVERSI Conquista 50 niveles de aventura de día, de noch...
$2.99 Rated 3.0 juegos Windows Phone


Windows Phone app developed by Threema GmbH

Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security and privacy first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can be certain that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. You can use Threema completely anonymously, without giving away personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Your messages will be deleted from our servers immediately after being delivered. With Threema, you're perfectly protected against data abuse. SECURE END-TO-END ENCRYPTION Unlike other popular messaging apps (including those claiming to use en...
$1.99 Rated 0.0 social Windows Phone

Caesars Slots

Windows Phone app developed by Caesars Interactive Entertainment

Download Caesars Slots and take the world’s most popular casino with you everywhere! The same exciting slot games and features from Caesars Casino are now available on your mobile device! You’ll love the huge variety of games including fan favorites like Pink Panther, Cleopatra’s Quest and Invasion from Outerspace. Plus, when you connect with Facebook you’ll be able to merge your web and mobile accounts for one BIG balance, send and receive free gifts, and keep track of your progress on the leaderboard! * Enjoy the BEST bonu...
Free Rated 4.8 games Windows Phone

Digital Gift Cards

Windows Phone app developed by Microsoft Corporation

Digital gift cards for Xbox and Windows stores. Listen. Watch. Play. Let your friends and family know you are thinking of them with a personalised digital gift card for Xbox and Windows stores. read more Digital gift cards for Xbox and Windows stores are a fast and easy way to send fun and personalised gift cards to your friends and family. • Let them choose. With digital gift cards for Xbox and Windows stores, they choose their own apps, games, music, films and TV programmes on their wish list. • Make it personal. Select your gift by o...
Free Rated 0.0 lifestyle Windows Phone

SPS Football

Windows Phone app developed by GmbH

Are you ready for the wildest football party ever? 5/5 Probably the best football game of the world! 5/5 Top game with funny graphics! I love it! Charge up your soccer ball, calculate power and shoot down every rival in your way! Pass, shoot and destroy your opponents in brilliant battles on the field. Plan effective passes, take down heavy rowdies and smash the goalkeeper to win the match! ‘Super Party Sports: Football’ is a physics puzzle game full of action and fun. Solve tricky riddles, fight against different types of enemies and scor...
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Windows Phone app developed by Wolfram Group LLC

Remember the Star Trek computeIt's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation. Across thousands of domains--with more continually added--Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you. This app gives you access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. Domains covered by Wolfram|Alpha include: MATHEM...
$2.99 Rated 4.3 books + reference Windows Phone

Fairy Farm

Windows Phone app developed by Game Garden, LLC

The cutest game on social networks comes to your mobile device! - No Internet connection required! Play wherever and whenever you want! - Regular updates! Unique content added with each and every one of them! - Discover more than 150 magic plants and trees. Plant, tend and harvest your way to the heights of arcane wisdom! - Tame 100 cute animals including Unicorns, Peacocks and Dragons! - Use sophisticated equipment to brew potions and carry out alchemical experiments! - Decorate your farm with numerous enchanted items! - Get ready for a lot of interest...
Free Rated 0.0 games Windows Phone


Windows Phone app developed by jotURL s.r.l.

MEEDJ – a social DJ mixing console MEEDJ is a DJ mixing console for mobile devices, we created for people who enjoy mixing tracks, with a strong social attitude, who want to have fun and fans, but definitely need a simplified interface for mixing music. Our value is the interface itself (developed with a professional DJ), the social features tightly integrated within the App and the strong social engagement metrics (GoPro bundle). You are the DJ! Just load two audio tracks from your music library (or from OneDrive) and start mixing them, by jogg...
Free Rated 4.3 music + video Windows Phone

Age of Empires®: Castle Siege

Windows Phone app developed by Microsoft Studios

*** New players: Claim exclusive Holiday BONUS Gold today! *** For a limited time, all NEW players of Age of Empires: Castle Siege will receive bonus starting Gold upon creation of their Empire! Download and play today! Age of Empires®: Castle Siege invites you to guide your empire through the Medieval Era on your Windows PC or touch screen device. Choose from one of several civilizations, including the Britons, Teutons, and Kievan Rus. Upgrade your keep, fortify your walls, and garrison defensive troops to protect yourself from marauders. Then, tra...
Free Rated 5.0 games Windows Phone

My Talking Angela

Windows Phone app developed by Outfit7 Limited

Welcome to the glamorous world of My Talking Angela! Adopt Angela as your very own virtual pet and give her a fabulous life! She’s all yours to look after from kitten to cat. Dress up Angela in the latest fashions and the cutest costumes and give her the most amazing hairstyles. Make her home beautiful and feed her delicious treats. Just watch – she’ll become your new best friend! You can play games together, collect cool stickers to trade with your friends, and just have loads of fun. Make Angela your very own superstar! - NURTURE YOUR AN...
Free Rated 3.4 गेम्‍स Windows Phone

Fillup History

Windows Phone app developed by andrecoutosilva

Fill Up History is the App which will allow you to monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicle. The purpose of this app is to have a simple and effective way of recording Fill-ups and track your average consumption. Version 1.0.3: - Added possibility to have more than one Vehicle; - Added possibility to create a Backup on the OneDrive account; - Added possibility to remove the Ads from the App; - Improved readability on Light Windows Phone theme. Version 1.0.2: - Added Average Price per Distance Unit; - Improvements on Avg algorithm; - Added setting...
Free Rated 0.0 tools + productivity Windows Phone

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Windows Phone app developed by Zynga, Inc.

Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play! ** “FarmVille is back and this time, it’s portable” – TIME ** ** """"Officially not just for Facebook anymore"""" - Los Angeles Times ** ** """"They may...
Free Rated 0.0 games Windows Phone

Flashlight-X Pro

Windows Phone app developed by Asleroid

Flashlight-X Pro is the paid version without ads. It is the most popular LED flashlight app in the Windows Phone store. It features a LED light, battery meter, a compass and an S.O.S mode that does not interfere with the user experience. Flashlight-X is the ultimate survival tool whether you are hiking at night, trying to find something in the dark, or in case of an emergency. Flashlight-X received 2012 Appies Most Downloaded App Award. *** Thanks for over 7 millions of downloads and thousands of reviews! *** Features: - Works on *ALL Windows Phone dev...
$1.99 Rated 4.5 tools + productivity Windows Phone